Paper Dolls

I’ve had some trouble sleeping this past week or so. Brain too busy. To pass the time that I should … More

Story Time

Well we are a week into a brand new term. Two weeks into a brand new year. Did you make … More

Get Lost

My daughters and I had a pre-Christmas clear out recently, making space for Mr Claus’ impending visit. Lots of bin … More

Controlled Burn

Well, that’s Bonfire Night done with. The sparklers are spent, the toffee apples long gone. I love fireworks. I love … More

Right Here, Right Now

The clocks changed last night. The Time Lords gave us all an extra hour. What a gift! Sixty extra minutes … More


It’s nearly Halloween. The nights are getting darker and the high streets are full of shops making money from our … More

Love and Nonsense

When I had my first baby, my Gran gave me a little poem in a frame. It’s by Ruth Hulbert … More

An Ace That I Can Keep

Well, it’s that time of year again. We are back to school. The busyness has descended once more. This is … More